Thursday, 7 June 2018

Treasure W.A.L.T use DADWAVERS


As the sound of worn out and disgusting trash being chucked and thrown around coming from the junkyard, a old lady called Esther was rummaging through mountains and mountains of junk. CRASH! Esther chucked a torn and rugged, yellow umbrella into her little, rusty shopping trolley.
For hours Esther kept on searching ‘treasure’, until she found the jackpot. She climbed into the passenger seat of a old, beat up car, not knowing of what was just about to happen.
She leaned back and broke the chair, causing it to lean back with her. On the ground in the back of the car was old, dust but pretty jewelry box. Curiously she opened the box and to her surprise she found a antique diamond ring. Esther sprinting to her house,
(which was in the middle of the junkyard by the way)
Trying to contain all her joy inside her. When she got home about 10 minutes later, she placed all her junk that she called treasure, in specific locations she allocated for them to make her own little fairytale world. Her hut was filled with glittery and sparkly lights. In minutes her dream had come true. She felt like disney princess. “Wow, its so pretty” Esther said trying to hold back the tears. “I wish it could stay like this forever”

Esther said, before relaxing back in her cozy chair.

Sina and the eel

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Road Safety

Experts Guide To Have a Amazing Time At Camp

Experts Guide To Have a Amazing Time At Camp

To have a successful and memorable experience at camp, you should follow exact steps because i’m a professional. In this guide there will be some steps you might need or might not need, but you should still follow all my steps no matter what. Now we will get into our first step:

  1. Firstly we’re going to start with the basics, packing your bags (EARLY!) You should pack your bags early because I did it a day before camp and you don’t know how stressful it was packing my bags. SO PACK YOUR BAGS EARLY!

  2. Secondly you should get to school early, because
      if your late your going to miss the bus and then
      Your parents will have to drop you off to the camp
      (I know this because that’s what happened to me  
       But not because I was late) P.S. A extra bonus of
       Getting to school early, is you get to talk to your
       Friends at school.

    3.Now this might be an important step for you it’s,
       Getting a good seat on the bus. You should
       Identify the seats and pick one wisely, because
       You might just have water dripping on you from
       Above (cause that’s what happened to me! So  
    4.Say, you arrived at camp now, what do I do? You
       Question yourself. Well i’ve the answer for you!
       But its a bad one, from here on out you're on
       You’re own. (unless you have friends in your
        Activity group). Also hopefully you have fun camp
        With your friends. Oh! And I almost forgot when
        You get back to school you’re going to regret not
         Telling your mum, to pick you at school early.  

   Well i’m going home now. Hopefully you had the best experience ever! I’ll see you next time with a brand new piece of writing BYE!

The Bearded Lady

The Bearded Lady

The lines of stress on her face instantly painted the story of her miserable and pointless life. Her crows feet beside her eyes, showed me how stressed, lonely and depressed she was. The deep creases in her cheeks told me the story of a life that  had began with pain and disappointment. Her beard started behind her ears and walked down her cheeks, then surrounded her mouth. It finally ended about a couple inches below her chin.

Her hair as dark as the night sky, was nicely combed and wellkept. Her scarred and ruined hands were running through her hair in stress. No one cared about her. They laughed, teased and bullied her. She was annihilated by others.

She was the one that didn’t know what to do, but she was also the one that would no longer camouflage herself from society in the dark, murky, dingy, and overcast channels of the street.  

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Cyclone Gita

Cyclone Gita. What started as a meager bit of rain turned into the most substantial, vicious and intense storm of my life. I was scared, frightened and horrified as I heard people screaming their lungs out. It was petrifying. My family's house was destroyed we kept praying together.

I was trying to not scream or shout or cry.
In that moment I felt like I was going to die.